Role of the Mother of the Bride

Mother and bride laughing togetherThe role of the bride’s mother at the wedding and during the span of organizing the special occasion has been routinely influenced by conventional practices. Although mom’s duties aren’t currently as resolute as they once were in days of the past, her place in her daughter’s wedding is still a prominent one. However, savvy modern-day brides may engage a few restrictive rules, and though mom’s role may be a tad lessened, advantages of having her assistance throughout the coordinating process and the day of the wedding is often viewed as a blessing in disguise.

All brides surely appreciate the help of their mothers and welcome their conversant contribution while planning the most important day of their lives. Yet, contemporary brides want to be able to have the wedding they envisioned, which means they’d like to make most of the final decisions, and understandably so. Therefore, mom’s major function in the various stages of organizing the event is initially support.

Mother of the bride hugs her daughter

There are many wedding vendor services that must be acquired for both the ceremony and reception. Literally, hundreds of decisions need to be made that can range anywhere from the selection of the wedding venue and bridal gown to creating a menu alongside the caterer when deciding what meals will be served at the reception banquet. With mom’s encouragement throughout the course of eliciting all the necessary services in addition to expressing her views and knowledge where proper, the bride will be provided with an irreplaceable support system that will make organizing the event much more simplistic.

The bride shows her frustration with wedding planning

One vital part of mom’s duties that will prove to be a tremendous advantage to her daughter is when she plays the role of an arbitrator. Securing the assortment of professionals that you must rely upon for the success of your wedding can be a touch challenging at times, especially when previously negotiated prices change or items contracted for are altered. Mom acting as a go-between will keep the bride focused on the positive aspects of the wedding and enable her to avoid the unnecessary tension.

When the day of the wedding rolls around, the mother of the bride traditionally travels to the wedding site with the bridal party. Just prior to the ceremony start time, the mothers of both parties will be ushered to the front row of the ceremony area where they will be sitting. Upon being seated, this characteristically implies that the ceremony is about to begin.

Both mothers are naturally included in the formal photography occurring once the ritual concludes. The mothers of the bride and groom will then proceed to the reception hall where they will greet and mingle with the guests as the newlyweds complete the photographic session. Once the reception gets underway, mom may execute helpful tasks if needed, then simply mix with those in attendance and express gratitude to relatives and friends for making the journey to celebrate her daughter’s joyous event.

The support mothers can offer their daughters is priceless and is the chief role they traditionally follow once the wedding plans go into motion. While her part isn’t as unwavering as it once was, being at the bride’s side throughout the course is her primary objective. Astute modern-day brides have ardently changed the rules to some extent, but the mother of the bride unarguably is still her best friend when planning the most important day of her life.

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