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Popular Ceremony Venues in Lake Tahoe

Pretty bride smiles at Regan Beach

Many brides and grooms who come to the legendary “Lake of the Sky” with thoughts of matrimony often have a vision of the perfect setting where they’d like their event of a lifetime to take place. Several exceptional wedding locations frequently chosen by couples are described below.

The listed ceremony sites detailed here are conveniently situated around the southern edge of Lake Tahoe. Aside from their natural beauty, these venues are distinctively different, each providing a unique setting that’s imparted with amenities that may be of particular interest.

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Included with most of  our wedding packages:

  • Ordained Minister
  • Professional Photographer
  • Marriage License
  • Notary Fees
  • Consultation with the Minister
  • Traditional or Personalized Wedding Vows
  • All Photo Images of the Event and Copyrights
  • Traditional Wedding Music (upon request)

Tahoe Favorites by the Water

Lakeside Beach

Happy bridal party jumping in the airThe waterfront location of Lakeside Beach is voted as one of the best wedding venues on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe by many brides and grooms who have previously married there. If you want to exchange vows and rings with toes in the sand aside a brilliant, varicolored lake with magnificent towering peaks looming in the background, this superb beach is the place to do it.

Impressive views, though, is not all Lakeside Beach has to offer. Private and exclusive use of the eye-catching beachfront area is afforded to you and your guests, and the spacious expanse of this alluring and placid setting can comfortably accommodate large parties. Seating is included with your reservation, and the wooden arbor that’s advantageously placed at the water’s fringe where the ritual takes place is part of the striking backdrop, and you are able to optionally decorate it to suit your liking.

In California edging the border of Nevada, this ceremonial site is convenient to town, making it expediently accessible on your wedding day. Compellingly endowed with an abundance of amenities, Lakeside Beach is assuredly one of the most popular ceremony venues in South Lake Tahoe.

Various scenes of Lakeside Beach

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Regan Beach

A winter wedding at Regan Beach Park in Lake Tahoe

Adjacent to the lake, the verdant, park-like setting of Regan Beach is slightly elevated above the shore and overlooks the vivid blue water. Maintaining a plethora of impressive features, this beautiful wedding venue has comparable grandeur to that of its rivals. Aside from its aesthetic attributes, a vastly favorable characteristic Regan Beach enjoys in comparison to other neighboring beach venues is that it’s available year-round.

The grassy knoll section can be reserved for private use during the summer months and is able to accommodate large groups. Seating for guests can be furnished and adornments, such as an arch or floral arrangements, can be electively added. With the nearby shoreline only steps away, the bride and groom are given the option of having an intimate photography session on the beach after the ritual concludes, which is another appealing trait of this ideal site.

Because it is centrally located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, Regan Beach is easily reachable throughout the changing seasons. Hosting your special occasion at this magnificent locale can be a formal affair or simple and intimate.

Various images of Regan Beach Park

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The Beachfront

Bride with Groom barefoot on beach

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable yet seeking to maintain the essence of a lavish experience on your special day, the beachfront is a practical choice. With exceptional views of the rugged terrain encompassing the lake, you’re sure to further appreciate the walk down the sandy aisle to the water’s edge where vows and rings are exchanged. The ambience of the divergent environment is unspoiled, and its simplicity makes it perfect for a relaxed and informal gathering.

Conveniently positioned near the main segment of town, the beachfront’s ease of accessibility adds to its favorability for hosting an effortless conjugal celebration, especially during the winter months when the snow begins to fall and travel becomes challenging. Available year-round, this spot is ideal for small groups.

Photo montage of beach scenes

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Tahoe Favorites over the Water

Emerald Bay

Bride poses on the bluff of Emerald Bay

The attraction to Emerald Bay is immense, and couples who experience the thrill of marrying on the bluff are in awe of the remarkable beauty that poses in the background as the setting for their wedding day. The picturesque scene is the panoramic view of the 72 mile circumferential shoreline of Lake Tahoe, viewed from a bluff towering approximately 300 feet over the water. The surrounding grandiose Sierra Nevada Mountains further accentuate the natural beauty of the lake and the neighboring area of Emerald Bay.

Providing such a natural setting of exquisiteness with considerable romantic appeal, it is not a mystery why this pleasing area of Emerald Bay is a top choice for scores of brides and grooms who want to consummate their wedding vows. The experience of a wedding at Emerald Bay will be one that will create a lifelong memory that the married couple will forever treasure, a lasting impression of a very special day in their lives.

Various images of Emerald Bay

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 Logan Shoals

Bride exchanges rings with her groom during their ceremony

One of the most beautiful wedding locations nearing the eastern shore of Lake Tahoe is Logan Shoals Vista Point. The vista at Logan Shoals is one that rivals Emerald Bay, consisting of an elevated ceremony site that provides a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe as far as the eye can see. Perched high above the water in a partially private, rocky nook, you’ll be amazed at the beauty that surrounds you as you exchange your vows and rings during your marriage celebration.

Weddings are performed year-round at Logan Shoals and are best suited for small, intimate weddings. This location is easily accessed from the main highway, and the actual site where the ceremony is conducted is only a short jaunt along a paved walkway. Enriched with a relaxing and serene atmosphere, Logan Shoals is a perfect place to celebrate a very special day.

Various photographs of ceremonies at Logan Shoals

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