Inexpensive Tahoe Venue Favorites for Small Casual Weddings

Sunset at the popular venue of Zephyr CoveThere is categorically a large medley of likable wedding venues with laudable attributes encasing Lake Tahoe, and a sizable amount of them are geared towards the bride and groom who desire an intimate, informal wedding and maintain a modest guest count. With the added benefit of being a frugally sound choice, these three listed venues typically are the most favored perennial picks.

Logan Shoals

Inspiring view of Logan ShoalsOverlooking the immense beauty of Lake Tahoe while situated in a recess on the side of a mountain several hundred feet above the water depicts the scenic beauty experienced on your wedding day at Logan Shoals. Found among the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range about 12 miles east of the California border off of Highway 50, the vista is a recognized superlative landmark, and its unadulterated natural surroundings and feel of serenity are an allure that creates this site’s popularity. Intended for small groups of 20 or fewer, Logan Shoals provides an affordable place for celebrating your special event.

Zephyr Cove

Father of the bride escorts his daughter down the sandy aisleAn attractive Nevada beach with distinctive rocky configurations lining the shoreline that’s perfect for a casual matrimonial engagement is noteworthy Zephyr Cove. Just a few miles from the state line casinos poised on the south shore, this placid ceremony site is exemplary of Nevada’s finest beaches. A short jaunt along a trail through the forested greens leads you to the sapphire colored water where your special occasion will take place. The ambiance has a tone of equanimity, and the panorama enjoyed is brilliant. An unassuming, inexpensive wedding in an informal setting is the fascination of this textbook location.

Emerald Bay

Newlyweds at the overlook of Emerald BayResting hundreds of feet above the water on a precipice amid the towering Sierra Nevada peaks, Emerald Bay is a year-round favorite of brides and grooms coveting a simple, tranquil wedding. Abounding comeliness is the universal consensus of this glittering location that displays the landscape of Lake Tahoe in an indescribable way. Positioned on the southwest shore of the lake, Emerald Bay serves as a prime spot for those desirous of quality at promotional value.

Hosting a small and casual wedding at a venue that’s cost-effective doesn’t ineludibly mean the quality of your day will be sacrificed. The economical cost of these Tahoe favorites should not be a dissuading factor because getting what you pay for doesn’t apply here. The million dollar view that each location presents will positively exceed expectations, and the milieu of individuality these informal settings emit is one that is bound to excite.

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