Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Deposits and Cancellations

A minimum deposit of $175 is required to reserve a wedding date. However, contingent upon your venue and wedding package selection, a deposit of up to 50% of the total package price may be required. The balance is due 30 days prior to the event. If a cancellation is requested, full refunds of paid deposits and balances are honored (less a $175 administrative fee) if a written cancellation notice is received at least 30 days prior to the reserved date, at which time, thereafter, any money paid to Alpenglow Weddings becomes nonrefundable.

Cancellations and Refunds Involving Third Parties

Regardless if advanced notification of cancellation is given or whether the conditions for a refund are met as explained above, any deposits, or portions thereof, paid to Alpenglow Weddings that, on your behalf, were used or paid to a third party to acquire or secure a specific wedding venue or facility, or used or paid to a third party for the acquisition of a permit allowing for use of such wedding venue or facility, the refund policy of the third party (or the refund policy of the acquired or secured venue or facility) or grantor of the permit will take precedence over that of Alpenglow Weddings’ refund policy, which may consist of, but not automatically be limited to, the stipulation that the entire amount of money paid to them is nonrefundable.

Limousine Service Cancellations

If limousine services are arranged by Alpenglow Weddings on your behalf as part of your commissioned wedding services and you subsequently cancel your wedding, in addition to retaining a $175 administrative fee as described above, an additional limo cancellation fee of $200 will be assessed from paid deposits or balances, even if advanced notice of cancellation is given (a total of $375 will be deemed as nonrefundable). Alternatively, if limousine services are arranged by Alpenglow Weddings on your behalf as part of your commissioned wedding services and you subsequently cancel only the procured limousine services, regardless of when notice of cancellation is given by you or received by us, no refund or credit of any monies paid for the service will be provided.


If there is a need to reschedule your wedding date or time for any reason, we must receive notice at least 30 days prior to the event in order for sums previously paid to be applicable to the postponed date or time. However, additional fees for the rescheduling of services may be incurred. Additionally, the new date must be set and the event must occur within 90 days of the originally scheduled date for the previously paid deposits to be applied. Otherwise, the event will be regarded as a cancellation, at which time our cancellation policy as depicted above will take effect.

Moreover, if any portion of the deposits we received were paid to a third party on your behalf to acquire or secure a wedding venue or facility or for permit acquisition as formerly cited, in combination to our terms and conditions policy, the third party’s terms and conditions or refund policy, whichever applies, likely will become relevant, causing us to be subject to them. Furthermore, it is possible that the venue and other services that were initially contracted for may not be available on the rescheduled date or time.

Cancellations Due to Inclement Weather

Weather is oftentimes unpredictable, most particularly during the winter season. Nevertheless, should you decide to cancel your wedding due to inclement weather, we are not constrained to honor refunds. However, as an option, you may postpone the event for up to 7 days, and all payments received, if possible, will be applied to the rescheduled date if we are notified of postponement in a timely manner. Be advised, though, that the venue or specific services originally contracted for may not be available. Also, extra rescheduling costs may apply as well. Alternatively, the wedding can be moved to an indoor location in lieu of postponement, but additional charges will apply.

Change of Venue Fees

If inclement weather compels the event to be moved indoors, an added fee of approximately $150 beyond contracted price may be necessary in order to procure an indoor location, which is typically a local wedding chapel. The number of guests may be limited depending upon the location acquired. Client should be aware that other additional expenses may be incurred, such as parking fees or other unforeseen expenditures.

Delayed Wedding Start Time and Related Charges

If the wedding is delayed for more than 30 minutes past the reserved start time due to the bride or groom’s unpunctual arrival to the designated meeting area or wedding site, or if the wedding is delayed for more than 30 minutes for any other reason, foreseen or unforeseen, an additional charge in the amount of $150 will be incurred. Furthermore, if the wedding officiant, in his judgment, deems the delay as becoming too excessive in which it could conceivably cause a schedule disruption for him or his imminent appointments, the officiant reserves the right to reschedule the event to a later time or date, in which case, additional rescheduling fees may also apply.

Effects of Exceeding Group Size Limitations

Specific wedding venues have limitations on the size of the group that may attend an event at that particular site. The stipulated limit, imposed by the managerial agency that has jurisdiction over the specified venue, must be complied with by those who conduct weddings at these sites. If the total number within the attending party, which also includes the bride and groom, exceeds the number set forth by the agency governing the property, intentionally or unintentionally, the wedding officiant reserves the right to decline performing the wedding at that particular location. The effects could result in possible event postponement or the relocating of the group to an alternate site that could validly accommodate the entire party. In either case, rescheduling or relocating fees may apply.


Alpenglow Weddings shall not be responsible for its failure to perform due to adverse weather, equipment failure, unforeseen events affecting performance, or other circumstances beyond its control. Client agrees to hold Alpenglow Weddings, its employees and subcontractors harmless from all liabilities, claims, damages and expenses relating to services arising out of this agreement.

If photography services are acquired, we reserve the right to use the original photographs or reproductions of such for display or promotional purposes.

Due to environmental laws protecting wildlife, rice, confetti, and releasing of helium balloons are prohibited.